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Keystroke theft, known as keylogging is the #1
malware component responsible for identity theft
on your device. Keyloggers are commonly
downloaded as a result of clicking on an infected
link inside an email, text or web page. This
keystroke stealing malware steals everything you
type including your Social Security Number, bank
account information, usernames, passwords,
credit card numbers, email and text messages.

Our SecureKeyboard plan separates us from the
competition with EndpointLock's
patented keystroke encryption software. 

EndpointLock protects your desktop and mobile
devices against cybercriminals who steal your
identity and money through your keystrokes.

EndpointLock eliminates the ability of keylogging
spyware to capture keystrokes on your device,
even those not yet discovered by antivirus,
antispyware and firewalls.

EndpointLock protects the device by creating an
alternate encrypted pathway, routing the
keystrokes around the area of vulnerability. No
anti-virus software has this capability.

Protect your passwords and login credentials to
all of your sensitive accounts.

Feel secure when you enter your credit card
information by preventing it from being captured
by a keylogger.

Installation is easy and the app works in the
background. You just set it and forget it as
EndpointLock encrypts everything you type.





IDentityUSA Premier


SecureKeyboard PACKAGE,

Up to $1,000,000 ID Theft Insurance

Dark Web Monitoring

24/7 Debit & Credit Card Monitoring

24/7 High Risk Transaction Monitoring

24/7 Tri-Bureau Credit Monitoring

Change of Address Monitoring

Alert Notifications

ID Threat Score Tool

Breach Search Tool

Titan Antivirus (Windows PCs)

Breach Search Tool

Unlimited Restoration & Recovery Services

Safe Wallet Dashboard

Lost Wallet/Purse Assistance

Tax Fraud Assistance

Fraud Resolution Specialists

Legal Access Plus

You have 30 days from the date you receive your membership materials (or such longer period as may be required by state law) to review and
evaluate the USA+ membership. If you wish to cancel your membership and receive a full refund, you may do so by calling 800-208-0026 or by
submitting a written request to IDentityUSA at the address listed below.

United Service Association For Health Care (USA+) is a non-profit corporation chartered in Washington, D.C., in 1983. The organization was formed to promote the adoption of equitable health care policy in the United States, engage in nonpartisan research, study and analysis for the benefit of the general public regarding the health care system of the United States and on occasion; publish the results of our research. USA+ is committed to:

The promotion of equal access to health care for all Americans.
Assisting charitable, educational and social welfare organizations through the USA+ Foundation.
Providing educational assistance to high school seniors that show promise of continued academic performance in medical related fields.
Financial assistance for members who lose their job through economic downturns.

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